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AB Ayudando Familias, LLC is dedicated to assisting individuals with gaining access to services and resources to address identified needs. AB Ayudando Familias, LLC aims to empower individuals to increase their overall quality of life by building upon identified strengths and assisting them with developing necessary skills that foster independence.​

Our vision is to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to make healthy choices and encourage self-sufficiency.  We desire to accomplish this by inspiring trust; by saying what we mean, supporting our words through behaviors and taking responsibility for our actions.

AB Ayudando Familias, LLC believes that all people are able to make positive changes in their lives.  AB Ayudando Familias, LLC strives to assist individuals by increasing skill development to promote self-sufficiency.



​Professionalism:  Our standard, views and behaviors are reflected in daily practice for the benefit of the person served through the use of communication, knowledge, technical skills and clinical reasoning.  Our reputation is important to us and it is sustained by the pride we take in our work.​

​Individuality:  Everyone has unique qualities that make them different from everyone else.  We value the characteristics that distinguish one individual from another.  We also understand the importance of valuing each person served for his or her unique skills, knowledge, attributes and personality traits.​

Empowerment:  We value the ability to support others through the process of providing information and support for increased opportunities for success and maintenance.  We desire to help each individual with functioning in the community as independently as possible by increasing their confidence in their own abilities to control their destiny.​

Commitment:  We put our recipients and their families first.   It is our responsibility to assess the needs of each individual and provide adequate resources as a necessary response to identified needs.​

Excellence:  We strive to do more than simply provide a service or do a job; moreover, we reach for excellence in our service provision. We are proud of our work ethic and we make every effort to maintain an irrefutable reputation.​

Support:  Service provision is seen as a means to assist individuals served with achieving self-sufficiency.  We strive to responsively deliver on our commitments and focus on the needs of the individual.​ 

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