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Targeted Case Management (TCM) is a service that assists individuals in gaining access to necessary care such as, medical, behavioral, social, and other services appropriate to their needs.  TCM is individualized, person-centered, empowering, comprehensive, strengths-based, and outcome-focused.  TCM ensures the client's freedom of choice and promoting the well-being of the individual.

TCM connects individuals with mental health and behavioral concerns to the community services they need. Each individual who is referred and authorized to receive services is assigned a Case Manager to monitor and coordinate their care. Succeeding a comprehensive assessment, the Case Manager and the individual or guardian will work together to develop a treatment plan that identifies and prioritizes the individuals service needs. The Case Manager will then link the individual to the appropriate service providers and monitor the individual’s services and compliance.

TCM is offered to Medicaid recipients and takes place in the community and where the consumer resides.  A Case Manager responds to consumer’s requests and needs.

Our TCM services provide assistance to children, adolescents, and adults with mental illness and behavior concerns, in accessing resources and supports in their home and their community.

A successful outcome is attained at AB Ayudando Familias, LLC when the individual obtains services and supports needed to live autonomously in the community and no longer needs case management services.




Frequently Asked Questions

Who qualifies to receive this service?

Kids, teens, and adults with a mental health diagnosis who need coordinated mental health services. Many times, kids in this program have experienced difficulties at home, school or in the community, and/or suffered abuse.


How do you help my family? 

Our goal is to help individuals with behavioral and emotional challenges stay safely in their own homes and schools (when appropriate). When you begin TCM services, your family will have a dedicated case manager who helps you work through family challenges and crises, connects you with other local resources, and navigates complex systems to get the client additional services he or she needs.


      Some of the many ways we can help:

  • Work with you to assess your or your child's needs

  • Create a personalized plan to help your family work through challenges and reach goals

  • Advocate for you or your child's mental health needs

  • Connect you with more in-depth services such as:

    • Individual, family and/or group counseling

    • Behavior analysis

    • Psychological or psychiatric evaluations

    • Medication monitoring

    • Mentoring


Where do you meet with me?

We can visit you or your child at home, school, day care or any other appropriate location that's convenient for you and your family.


How can my family begin receiving services?

Call us to see if your child qualifies for the service. Educators, counselors and other professionals can also recommend individuals who may benefit from this program.  


When you call the office, at 407-785-3265.

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